Why Do PVC & CPVC Pipes Occasionally Fail?
Wednesday, 22 June 2011 14:25

PVC and CPVC pipes and fittings are excellent products and have been used successfully for decades. There is a low failure rate and the use of PVC/CPVC materials offer significant advantages over metal piping materials including ease of installation and very low failure rates. I am not aware of any health cautions regarding the usage of PVC/CPVC pipes and fittings other than the need to install them properly without using incompatible materials during the installation. However, as with all plumbing products including metal piping, occasionally a pipe or fitting may fail. When a failure does occur, our experience indicates that most often the failure can be linked to improper installation practices. The intent of this article is to provide assistance regarding installation errors to avoid and thereby reduce the occurrence of a failure in PVC and CPVC plumbing. Again, let me emphasize that by teaching about the main causes of occasional failure of PVC and CPVC pipes and fittings, I am in no way suggesting that these plumbing products are less reliable or more prone to failure than any other plumbing material. Further, I am outraged by the misuse of my teachings by some to attack PVC and CPVC plumbing products as being inherently unsafe. If I were to build a home for my own family, I would use as much plastic plumbing in my home as possible to keep the costs to a minimum while providing my family with a safe living environment.

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